The supply of electrical energy from the transport system to its ultimate destination, such as homes, business premises and factories, is called distribution.

Housing, transport and industry are increasingly dependent on electricity. In a process requiring a high level of reliability and flexibility, the voltages are converted to the level that is ultimately required.

New ways of generating electricity are also being sought. This requires a complex energy infrastructure. Our engineers, consultants and project managers have extensive knowledge of projects relating to the transport and distribution of gas and electricity, as well as about (smart) distribution networks. Projects include new construction, replacement, modification and expansion.

Our expertise focuses on primary and secondary installations, which include high-voltage protection, measuring, telemetry, auxiliary voltage, station automation and SCADA systems. CLAFIS can manage the following phases in this: the business case, the concept and basic design and project management.

Knowledge and experience

  • Electricity distribution
  • Gas distribution
  • Smart distribution
  • Primary engineering
  • Secondary engineering
  • Project management
  • Data management
  • Asset management
  • Safety