Oil Tanking is one of the world’s largest independent storage partners for oil, chemicals and specialty fuels. The company owns and operates 73 terminals in 22 countries with a total storage capacity of 19 million cubic meters. The Oil storage park in Amsterdam is responsible for around a million and a half cubic meters.

CLAFIS Ingenieus has been involved in the maintenance project at the Oil Tanking storage facility in Amsterdam since early December. Among other things, CLAFIS is responsible for setting up a maintenance process in which inspections, repairs and replacements are carried out.

With its enormous capacity and the loading and reloading of some 1,000 small and 400 large seagoing vessels every year, the storage park is one of the largest loading and storage depots in the Netherlands. Around 130 vessels wait at sea to enter the area each day. For many years Oil Tanking Amsterdam has been recognized by the oil industry as a first-class service provider, not only for its storage but also for blending gasoline.