Electricity consumption will rise sharply with the arrival of electric heat pumps and electric cars.

Future-proof grid

An increase in decentralized electricity production using solar panels, wind and micro-cogeneration, for example, is also expected. This will put added pressure on existing infrastructure. In response, Alliander will be investing many millions in the coming years to make its medium-voltage grid smarter. We are involved in the engineering and coordination for this extensive project. Making the medium-voltage grid smarter will enable us to detect weak spots and thus prevent malfunctions in the medium-voltage grid. It will also allow us to identify and locate resulting short circuits resulting from excavation work, for example, within one minute.

This builds on an innovative measurement method that accurately identifies weak points without shutting down cables. This technology fits perfectly in the transition to a smart grid. The aim of this development is to further reduce the number of minutes that consumers and businesses are without power.